Terms of Use

Approved: 01.06.2020

IT and Business Analysis Club (from now on ITBAC, we) offers consultancy and training services and shares professional knowledge on web page www.ITBAC.eu in the field of IT and business analysis. These Terms of Use are applied when browsing and consuming information published on the web page, as well as for any ITBAC offers, services and products as long as ITBAC has not agreed on special conditions with you specifically.

By joining news letter, registering for a training or buying from e-shop, you are confirming that you have read these Terms of Use and agree with them.

If you have any questions about ITBAC products or services, please contact us through

https://ITBAC.eu/contact/ form.

Personal data processing by ITBAC is done based on our Privacy Conditions, which you can access here: https://itbac.eu/privacy-policy/.

ITBAC has right to change Terms of Use at any time. We will inform about changes in Terms and Conditions in news letter and modified Terms of Use are always published on ITBAC home page. We suggest you always read Terms of Use before consuming ITBAC web page contents.

  1. Web page www.ITBAC.eu and blog

We are publishing on the web page information from our field news, best practices, our services and products. Published information reflects opinion of ITBAC representatives and is presented as is. ITBAC cannot guarantee that the materials or opinions are suitable for your needs or are universally true. For personal advice, please contact ITBAC to agree time for personal consultation.

ITBAC is not responsible for correctness or completeness of the web page.

ITBAC allows commenting of content which in our opinion would benefit from that. Comments have to be appropriate and respectful towards ITBAC and other users. It is forbidden to submit comments that are insulting, offensive, racist, contain obscene expressions or materials. It is also forbidden to include in the comments links to statements or materials prohibited by the Usage Terms.

ITBAC does not pre-screen comments. If a user publishes a comment that violates the Terms of Use, please report it info@itbac.eu. ITBAC will process the application within 36 hours and, if necessary, will remove the comment that violates the Terms of Use without the consent of the author of the comment.

2. Participation in ITBAC trainings

ITBAC occasionally provides training in IT and business analysis, IT architecture or other related topics. The form of training may vary: seminar, webinar, training, etc.

Training can be paid or free, public, or private. The detailed conditions of each training (time, place, participation fee, topic, duration, speakers) will be published by ITBAC on its website.

Trainings can take place both in contact and virtually. Virtual trainings take place in an environment managed by ITBAC. The venue for the contact training will be designated by ITBAC.

To register for the trainings, you must fill in the registration form on the website and pay the participation fee. In order to pay the participation fee, the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address of the recipient of the invoice indicated on the registration form.

In the case of paid training, the precondition for admission to the training is the receipt of the participation fee on the basis of the ITBAC invoice. In the event of an unpaid invoice, ITBAC reserves the right not to allow the training.

Those who have registered for the training can cancel their participation up to 48 hours before the training without sanction and the paid participation fee will be refunded in full. In case of later waiver of training, ITBAC has the right to keep the paid participation fee and the participant is considered not to have appeared. Those who do not attend paid training have the right to receive training materials, if any.

ITBAC has the right to cancel or postpone the training if less than three participants have registered for the training. In this case, ITBAC will inform the registrants no later than 36 hours before the planned training and will refund the participation fee if the training is canceled. ITBAC will also reimburse you if the contact training is canceled for ITBAC reasons.

ITBAC will not compensate registrants for any form of damage that may result from the cancellation of training.

  • Recording of ITBAC trainings

ITBAC has the right to video or audio recordings of its own trainings (excluding personal trainings). It will be notified when registering for the training if the training will be recorded. In case of recording, trainees agree that their participation, personal image and / or voice may be recorded. ITBAC subsequently reserves the right to publish, make available to the public, distribute, etc. the recording, for a fee or free of charge, in its sole discretion and without seeking further consent. The names or other details of the persons participating in the training will not be published on the recording. In particular, the trainee must take into account that the questions (audio) asked by the trainees to the speakers will be recorded.

Upon recording the training, all participants will have access to the recording of the training for at least one (1) year from the date of the training.

  • Personal trainings

ITBAC offers and conducts training on its own initiative or at the request of a specific company. Trainings can be aimed at management, team, etc. ITBAC will make the offer for the training on the basis of the source information received from the client and taking into account the agreed objectives of the training. The parties shall separately agree on the preparation of materials for the training and the conditions for their distribution.

Regarding the terms of the ordered personal training, an agreement is reached on the terms of the client and the ITBAC offer, which is confirmed by the client. These terms and conditions apply only to the extent that they do not conflict with the terms and conditions of the personal offer.

  • Training materials and other digital materials

Proprietary copyrights of training materials, digital materials and other materials produced by ITBAC belong to ITBAC.

The right to use the training materials belongs only to the training participant on the basis of a limited time license.

Only the buyer has the right to use the digital material purchased from the e-store.

In the case of a business representative, he has the right to distribute training materials and digital materials to his business representative in the same field. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of ITBAC.

Use of ITBAC materials in violation of the Terms of Use, including distribution to third parties, is a material breach of the Terms of Use and entitles ITBAC to suspend the provision of its services to the infringer and to seek fair compensation for the harm caused by the breach.

References to the public content of the ITBAC website are permitted only with reference to the source (www.ITBAC.eu) together with the date of the reference. Referencing must be motivated (for example, up to 10% of the total volume of one article) and serve the purpose of professional communication.

ITBAC assumes no responsibility for the legality or completeness of the content of the training materials or other digital materials. Please also note that the content, views and references contained in the materials may become obsolete.

  • Consulting service

ITBAC specialists provide various consulting services in the field of IT and business analysis. The consulting service is personal to the entrepreneur and the offer is prepared according to the client’s wishes and needs. The content, scope and objectives of the advisory service are agreed upon when making the offer and when the client approves the offer. Unless otherwise agreed, the terms and conditions of the approved offer, the regulation of the Mandate Agreement of the Law of Obligations Act and these Terms of Use apply to the extent to which there is no separate agreement in the offer.

ITBAC is not obliged to make an offer to the undertaking for advice if the workload of ITBAC specialists does not allow it or if the undertaking’s request for advice falls outside ITBAC’s competence or if there is another good reason.

  • ITBAC newsletter

ITBAC distributes its materials to subscribers registered on the website in the form of a newsletter, which is sent to the e-mail address provided by users on average twice a month. ITBAC does not undertake to send the newsletter or any commitment to its content. Newsletters may include offers for ITBAC training and services.

The conditions for publishing information on the website apply to the content of the newsletter (see point 1 of the terms of use above).

To unsubscribe from the newsletter, there is a link to unsubscribe at the end of the newsletter. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an e-mail to info@itbac.eu.

  • The process of purchasing ITBAC products and services

The customer selects the product(s) and/or service(s) from the e-shop on the ITBAC website by adding them to the shopping cart. The prices shown in the e-shop include VAT and are final. Upon payment, the payment service provider’s surcharges may be added according to the payment service provider’s price list.

ITBAC services are aimed at business customers and therefore we expect buyers to be at least 18 years old.

To finally confirm the options, click the “Confirm” button in the content view of the shopping cart and fill in the predefined fields about the buyer’s identity, invoice payer and delivery details. The following information is requested about the person of the buyer: first and last name, name of the company, e-mail address, contact telephone number.

The recipient of the invoice must be provided if the recipient of the invoice is not the person of the buyer (the invoice is received by the company). After that, the customer makes a choice about the payment method.

In case of a successful purchase, a confirmation letter will be sent to the customer to the e-mail address entered by the customer, and if the shopping cart also contained digital material, the purchased materials will be sent to the customer in digital form or as an access link to digital material. When purchasing digital materials (eg access to a web-based training recording, training material, etc.), it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase transaction after receiving the materials (incl. Access to the means of accessing the materials).

If you have made a purchase from the ITBAC e-store but do not receive a confirmation letter and digital materials about the purchase, please contact info@itbac.eu to specify the purchase details.